Abstract Miniatures for Valentine’s Day

Since I paint my nails often, sometimes it is difficult to think of new ideas for nail art. Oh, I know, I could just paint them one solid color….but where is the fun in that?  I have come to think of my nails as tiny canvases just waiting for me to express myself. OK, maybe that is going a little bit over board, but I enjoy looking at my nail art, just like viewing paintings in a gallery. However there are two really good things about nail art. One is that it doesn’t cost a fortune like expensive paintings, and the second is when you get tired of looking at one design, or maybe you aren’t happy with the way it turned out…just repaint it. So, today we are going “abstract” with our nails…or should I say “canvases”? This was really fun for me, because the design wasn’t limiting and it let me be free with my brush strokes. Plus, the red is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!  I hope you will have as much fun as I did.

Here is the list of supplies that you will need:

Polish remover
Clear Base Coat
Pale Pink Polish
Red Polish
Black Polish
White Striping Polish
Black Striping Polish
Clear Top Coat

Remove any old polish and then rinse the remover off your cuticles to keep from drying them out.

I usually moisturize my hands and cuticles with a good hand lotion while I trim and file my nails. If you do this, remember to remove the lotion from your nail bed before polishing, or the polish won’t stick.

OK, let’s paint!


Step 1: Apply a clear basecoat on your nails and follow with a pale pink coat of polish. You can also use your natural nail color and skip the pink polish if you want.


Step 2: Paint a ¼ circle in red on one side of all your nails. Remember to reverse the side when you paint your other hand so that your hands will mirror each other. Add a second coat.


Step 3: Paint a ¼ circle in black, in the opposite direction, on the other side of all your nails. Add a second coat.


Step 4: Using the black striping polish, paint two very thin, short, curved lines, on top of the magenta polish, following the shape of the ¼ circle. Now, make a longer curved line in the opposite direction and extend the line onto the pale pink polish.

Tip: When painting thin curved lines, rake off most of the polish in the bottle before painting. I painted all the lines with only one dip into the bottle, per nail. The thinner the lines, the better this design looks.


Step 5: Using the white striping polish, paint two short, white curved lines on top of the black polish, following the ¼ circle shape. Also, make a longer line in the opposite direction and extend the line onto the pale pink polish.

For the final touch, accent the short black curved lines with a stroke of white and add one to the top of the red ¼ circle.

Let your nails dry for a few minutes and apply two clear top coats. I was very pleased with the way I converted my blank canvases into abstract works of art. Just remember, no two pieces of art are the same, so your nails don’t need be exact. It looks more difficult than it really is…don’t you think?

Have fun and I will be blogging again soon.

Keep those nails covered,

  • Meg

    February 11th, 2011


    I like this – I bet I could even give this one a spin!

  • JanSu

    February 22nd, 2011


    A friend and I were just talking about how we always paint our toenails, but we hardly ever bother to paint our fingernails! Your nails look great – I think I have to start simple for a few weeks and just plan to keep them painted one color. Then, once I get in that habit, I’ll get more adventurous.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

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