Pine Cones & Ribbons Nail Art

While I was decorating my home for the holidays, I thought…why should my nails be left out? So, I decided to add some seasonal décor to them. Below are 4 easy steps to add “pine cones and red ribbons” to your nails. You need light pink and white polish, and “striping polish” like Stripe Rite from Sally Beauty Supply in medium and dark green, white, red, brown and black. Remove any old polish that may be on your nails. Tip: never use Pure Acetone on your natural nails…it dries out the nail bed and makes the nails brittle. Apply a basecoat. I use Nail Life Gripper. This basecoat will remain a little “sticky”.

Step 1: Apply pink polish to your entire nail. Then paint a white diagonal swatch across the nail.

Step 2: Using the medium green and dark green, with small, short strokes, paint a mini-garland diagonally across the nail. Highlight with white striping polish.

Step 3: With the brown striping polish, paint two pine-cone shapes. Highlight with black and white striping polish.

Step 4: Paint two red swirls for ribbons and your finished. 

Apply two topcoats like Out the Door and let dry.

Now your nails aren’t “left out in the cold” for the holidays.

I hope you have fun and I will be blogging again soon.

  • Tammy

    December 20th, 2010



  • Jamie Papantonakis

    December 20th, 2010


    I wonder if I could do this…It’s so pretty!

  • Patricia

    December 20th, 2010


    looks so nice…and easy to do to!

  • whitney

    December 20th, 2010


    whos hands ?

  • Kely Costarica

    December 21st, 2010


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