My new favorite!

Move over, Miracle 7, there’s a new favorite in town. Just kidding! You know you’ll always be my #1.  I just have to make a little room in my heart for the both of you.

So what’s this amazing new product, you ask? Well it’s not that new (It came out in June), but I just discovered it so I’m calling it new.  (With more than 6,500 products to learn about and try, sometimes I get a little behind. Oops!)

Anyway, my new LOVE OF LOVES is the GVP Heat Activated Texture Spray.  This stuff is Fabulous with a capital F. Why is it so great? One reason and one reason only: It gives me swishy hair. Those of you who were blessed with naturally swishy hair (Sister, I’m looking and glaring at you.), probably don’t understand how amazing this is. Let’s just say that for those of us whose hair texture tends to resemble cotton candy, discovering this is like finding the Holy Grail of hair products.
Here are the facts:

  • Compare to Redken Fabricate 03
  • Inspires texture and definition
  • Provides weightless control
  • Never sticky
  • $5.99!

So tell me… have you tried this product yet? If so, do you love it as much as I do? What about other products from the GVP line? Any favorites there?

  • JK

    October 18th, 2010


    I have tried it – and it FOR SURE does its job! I already somewhat have swishy hair so I have to use sparingly…but it works!

    My fav GVP product is the GVP flat iron – I have tried SEVERAL and this one is my favorite and my “never leave home without it” Sally product!

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