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Get Jersey-fied

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like our friends from the Shore are going to be a very popular costume choice! Bloggers, magazines and talk show hosts have gone gaga for all things Jersey, and I bet I see more than a few “poufs” this Halloween.

I was having a little trouble deciding on a costume, but browsing around has made me realize that this is the route to go. Here are my picks for putting together the perfect Jersey-fied look:

  1. Ardell Fashion Eye Lashes
  2. Ed Hardy Temporary Tattoos
  3. Ion Rattail Tease Comb
  4. Salon Bronze Airbrush Tanning System
  5. Salon Care Butterfly Clamps
  6. Pretty Woman Nail Tips
  7. Bumpits Hair Volumizing Inserts

What’s your costume going to be this year? Are you going to rock the “pouf?”

Candy Corn Nails

I always marvel at the skills and creativity nail bloggers possess. They effortlessly swatch entire collections without a smudge, and easily transform their tips into works of art. Do I sound jealous? I am. So I decided to take on a little nail art challenge. The Daily Nail I am not, but I had fun doing it, so that’s all that matters, right? Here are the steps:
Step 1: Cast of Characters

* Candy Corn (inspiration and snack)
* Stripe Rite in Hot Orange
* Stripe Rite in Hot Yellow
* China Glaze in White on White
* Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Step 2: White Base

I applied two coats of China Glaze White on White. Please ignore the smudge on my middle finger.

Step 3: Orange

Next I applied a band of orange along the middle of each nail. This was my first time working with Stripe Rite but it was surprisingly easy to use.

Step 4: Yellow

After letting the orange dry for a bit, I added the yellow. Like a lot of neons, the yellow was pretty matte so I would definitely suggest a top coat to make it shine. I personally refuse to do my nails without my trusty Seche Vite.


Fun, candy corn nails that are perfect for Halloween! I’m definitely a loooong way from being a professional but I still think they’re cute. =)

Halloween Memories

Halloween, 1988

Do you have a favorite Halloween costume memory? Mine would have to be the year I went as a Punk Rocker (That was the official name I gave myself).  I was the toughest, coolest chick on the block with my pink ratted hair, spider tattoo and puff painted splatter shirt. (What’s that? Puff paint isn’t usually considered to be Punk Rock? Details!) I don’t know why at 5 I just had to be a Punk Rocker but I’m guessing like most things, it can be blamed on the 80s.

What makes this costume memory even more fun for me now is that I distinctly remember going with my mom to Sally Beauty to pick up the pink hairspray. Yes, I was a big fan even then.

To recreate this look break out your rattail comb, spray on some Beyond The Zone Color Bombz Temporary Haircolor in Air Head Pink, draw on a tattoo of your choice with black eyeliner, and voila! You’ve got a super fun and simple costume.

I’d love to hear about your favorite Halloween memory! Any fellow Punk Rockers out there?

Color FAQ

Q: How often does red haircolor need to be touched up?

A: Consistent touch-ups every four to five weeks are important with reds. If you wait too long between touch-ups—i.e. when new growth is over half an inch—your body heat may process the color closest to the scalp faster, resulting in what professionals call “hot roots”, when the color at the scalp is brighter than at the mid-length or ends. To give red hair color a boost between salon visits, try Beyond The Zone Glam Street Glaze in Jaw Dropping Red.

Have color questions? We’d love to see them!


Gray is the new black…again

Have you heard that gray is once again THE color for fall? I attended a presentation on trends last week and everyone is still all about The Gray. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or are you sick of it?

My love affair with it continues, but I admit that gray by itself can come across as a little…blah. That’s why I prefer to mix it with pops of colors, especially burnished oranges. I’ve got pumpkin spice lattes, gray cashmere scarves and caramel scented everything on the brain right now, so it’s only natural that it’s spilling over into my beauty look. Smoky eyes and nails the color of pie? Bring it on!

Here’s a roundup of some products featuring my current color combo obsession:

  1. FingerPaints in Copper Elements
  2. Femme Couture Baked Eye Duo in Copper Chic
  3. China Glaze in Avalanche
  4. Palladio Tinted Lip Balm in Orange
  5. Palladio Baked Eye Shadow in Gun Metal
  6. Palladio Eye Ink in Smokey
  7. Sally Girl Mini Squeeze Tube Lip Gloss in Shimmer Pink
  8. Sally Girl Mini Baked Eye Shadow in Silver


So what colors are you loving this fall?

My new favorite!

Move over, Miracle 7, there’s a new favorite in town. Just kidding! You know you’ll always be my #1.  I just have to make a little room in my heart for the both of you.

So what’s this amazing new product, you ask? Well it’s not that new (It came out in June), but I just discovered it so I’m calling it new.  (With more than 6,500 products to learn about and try, sometimes I get a little behind. Oops!)

Anyway, my new LOVE OF LOVES is the GVP Heat Activated Texture Spray.  This stuff is Fabulous with a capital F. Why is it so great? One reason and one reason only: It gives me swishy hair. Those of you who were blessed with naturally swishy hair (Sister, I’m looking and glaring at you.), probably don’t understand how amazing this is. Let’s just say that for those of us whose hair texture tends to resemble cotton candy, discovering this is like finding the Holy Grail of hair products.
Here are the facts:

  • Compare to Redken Fabricate 03
  • Inspires texture and definition
  • Provides weightless control
  • Never sticky
  • $5.99!

So tell me… have you tried this product yet? If so, do you love it as much as I do? What about other products from the GVP line? Any favorites there?

Best Sellers in Nail Color

Do you ever wonder which products sell the best, especially when it comes to nail color?

Of course there are the seasonal colors. Spring colors start with pastels and some more intense hues, Summer lends to hotter colors like neons, bright blues, greens and pinks. Fall and winter colors are darker reds, browns, and copper. But you can wear some of these all year round, especially if it’s a neutral, black, or red. I didn’t include all the colors here, but you get the idea.

Well, today I’m going to reveal the top sellers for the nail polish brands sold in Sally Beauty stores.

Sally Girl:  Type A

Ultra Pro:  Punki Pink

China Glaze:  Neon Pink Voltage

FingerPaints:  Art Dealer Teal-er

Savvy by Femme Couture:  USA Blush

Orly:  Oh Cabana Boy

Do you own any of these colors?  Which one is your favorite?

Staff Favorites – Part 2

We’ve interviewed some of our employees to get their take on the products they can’t live without. Next up, Kathy, Category Manager.

Kathy says, “I love working for Sally Beauty because Sally Beauty is passionate about, and dedicated to, the beauty industry! Every day is exciting, filled with new creative ideas that make our product selection diverse, our promotions exciting, and our customers happy.

Mango Mend Treatment Balm
I love this balm! I just massage a little dab into my dry cuticles and they’re soft in no time at all. It smells great too!




Silk Elements Liquid Styling Gel
This lightweight gel is awesome! I get shiny, perfectly-held curls without the crunchy, hard-gel feel!





Tool Science Ionic Ultra Lightweight Professional Hair Dryer
I use this blow dryer with the diffuser to get bouncy, shiny curls. It’s lightweight and easy to hold too!




Femme Couture Brow Pencil in Medium Brown
Perfect brows are my obsession! This sharp pencil lets me define my brows and the color doesn’t budge until I take it off.

A Simple Halloween Costume

Every Halloween I dread the question, “What will you dress up as?” Thankfully, this year I already have a plan! I don’t want to spend a lot of unnecessary money, especially on make-up that I will never use again.  So I have decided to be a cat! Simple and very inexpensive, plus I get to purchase cosmetics that I really can reuse. Besides buying black stockings, all I need is Femme Couture Gel Eyeliner, Ardell Wild Lashes, and Femme Couture Lip Luster Gloss in Cherry Frost.  Easy as 1-2-3!!

Here’s how you do it:

Starting with the gel eyeliner create a thin stroke from the inside of the eye and draw across getting thicker as you line the upper lid. Be sure to pull out and up at an angle to create a perfect cat eye.  Then apply Ardell Wild Lashes using clear adhesive.  Using the same Femme Couture eye liner brush, create whiskers on each cheek and fill in the tip of the nose.  Finally add some Cherry Frost gloss and MEOW, you’re cute as a kitten!


The life expectancy of makeup

Nothing lasts forever. Well, maybe Twinkies do. But makeup doesn’t, and sometimes you need to replace it even if you haven’t used it up.

How long does makeup last?

The answer varies, depending on many conditions, including temperature, light, and humidity. And also on whom you ask!

Many of you know this, but I’ll bet some of you don’t: Most makeup packaging includes a small symbol that tells you how long it will last after opening. It looks like a jar with the lid open. It’s very tiny, and you might have to use a magnifier to read it.

That information is useful to a point. Who remembers exactly when they bought that lipstick, that foundation, that mascara? A year can seem like only a few months!

Here are guidelines on how long makeup lasts, and how to tell it’s time to replace it.

About a year.
How to tell when it’s bad: Change in color or consistency

Two or three years.
How to tell when it’s bad: Change in consistency.

About four months.
How to tell when it’s bad: Change in consistency.

Nail polish
One to two years.
How to tell if it’s bad: It won’t fully mix when you shake it.

Powder, blush, eye shadow
Two to three years.
How to tell if it’s bad: Color change.

Your mileage may vary. I’m not looking for an argument!

Disclamer: My coworker Kim suggested this topic for the Beauty Hints section of our website. I decided to put it here on our blog first. Please don’t mention this to Kim. I’ll tell her when the time is right. Thanks.

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