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There’s still time

It’s not too late! You still have until Thursday, September 30 at 11pm CST to enter the giveaway. Just leave a comment on the Ion Giveaway Post to be entered. We’ll announce the winner on Friday, so make sure to come back and see if you’ve won!

Ion Titanium Platinum Digital Dryer

Have any of you tried our new Ion Titanium Platinum Digital Dryer yet? If not you need to because it’s so cool! I know you’re thinking, “It’s a dryer. Been there. Done that. Have the t-shirt.” Trust me on this.  It’s really pretty neat. Plus it totally appeals to the gadget geek in me. 

Here’s a rundown of its fun features:

* It has a LCD digital window that lights up to show exactly what setting you’re on. Which is great because…

* There are 25 (Yes! 25!) different setting options for heat and air flow. That means you always have the perfect setting for your hair type. I was particularly excited about this feature because I have to use different heat and flow settings when I wear my hair curly and when it’s straight.

* Fan of the cool shot setting? You should be, and not just because it’s a good way to cool down your face in a hot bathroom. A blast of cool air after hair is dry will set the style by closing the cuticle. This dryer has 5 different cool shot options to choose from!

* It has a built-in ionic generator that helps control frizz, condition and hydrate, leaving your hair nice and shiny.

Want one? Leave a comment on the Ion Giveaway post for a chance to win the dryer along with tons of fabulous Ion product!

Ion Product Giveaway!

What: We’re so excited about Eye For Beauty by Sally Beauty that to celebrate we’re giving one lucky person $450 worth of Ion product!

Why: Who wouldn’t want to win all this AMAZING product?

When: Visitors can enter September 20-30. One winner will be chosen at random on October 1, 2010.

How: Just leave a comment on this post between September 20-30 to be entered for a chance to win. Limit one comment per person.

Giveaway is closed!




Open only to legal residents of 50 US states and DC, 18 or older, who have Internet access and a valid email address prior to 11/20/10. To enter, access Sally Beauty Blog at from 8 am CT on 9/20/10 to 11 pm CT 9/30/10 and post a comment to the Ion Promotion blog entry and provide your screen name and valid email address.  Entries must be received by 11 pm CT on 9/30/10.  Limit one entry per person. One prize to be awarded in random drawing on or about 10/1/10. Prize is a basket of Ion appliances and liquids, specific items selected by Sally, and a Sally gift card (ARV: $450). Gift card terms and conditions apply.  Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received. Void where prohibited by law. For official rules and winner’s list (after 10/1/10), visit or mail request to: Sally, Attn: Ion Promotion, PO Box 490, Denton, TX 76202. Sponsor: Sally Beauty Supply LLC.

Full official rules can be found here.

A hint of color for fall

Fall is one of the greatest times of the year! Football season is back, the leaves are changing, and we’re getting to enjoy the reappearance of cooler weather.  But as summer winds down, I am also watching my tan fade away as I say goodbye to the sun-kissed cheeks.  As much as I love fall, I am not ready to see my golden glow go! 

Fortunately Palladio has the best mosaic bronzer to keep me looking good until spring. Each mosaic comes in five unique colors that can be used separately or together to create one unique shade.  I love this because if I just want to add a little hint of color I can choose from one of the 5 shades to highlight just my cheek bone. Or if I want that all over sun-kissed look, I sweep my brush across all the colors to create the perfect bronzed look. There are 6 different pallets with a range of pinks, tans and browns so there is definitely something for everyone.

So enjoy tailgating, raking the leaves, or whatever you do for fun in the fall, but do it with a little hint of color!

25% Off Online!

Are you planning to order online from in the near future? I’ve got just the deal for you!

Now through Sept. 17 save 25% on any one item when you use promo code 555912! This offer is perfect for anyone planning to order an appliance like a hair dryer or flat iron. Just add products to your cart and enter promo code 555912 in the space provided. The 25% discount will be deducted from the highest priced item in your cart.

Remember, this offer is not valid on gift cards, salon equipment, or prior purchases. You need to hurry, because this offer expires at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time on 9/17/10! 

Happy shopping!

All In The Family

As you know from previous posts, I love nail polish. Believe it or not, I don’t wear any polish on my fingers for various reasons… I work in the yard a lot, I love to garden, and I’m constantly testing product on my nails at work, whether it be a color or a treatment. But I always keep my toes polished.  Always.

I have a teenage son and he is very aware of my career and forcibly familiar with Sally Beauty stores. One spring a couple of years ago we made a trip about four hours south of home to go pick up our baby goose at a hatchery. Of course I had to stop at all the Sally Beauty stores along the way. He was annoyed, yet he retained all the information and reminds me to this day.

Anyway, I paint my toes in front of the television while we watch movies together. He’s always curious about what color I’m painting on my toes and always has an opinion on the color. Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that. Recently I applied one of the FingerPaints fall collection colors, Autumn Moonlight. He gave his thumbs up, so I’m good to go. It’s a great blue that looks nice with my fair skin, so I’ll keep it on for a little while.

Do any of your children help you pick out colors? What shades do they tend to favor?

Facing My Fears

I’ll admit it. I’m a total scaredy-cat when it comes to coloring my own hair. It’s not like I’ve ever had a bad experience, so I don’t know why the thought of dyeing my own hair makes my palms sweat. Well, I take that back. There was the unfortunate Highlighting Incident of 2003 that we will not speak of. But, I didn’t do that to myself so I don’t think it counts.

Anyway, as someone who has been getting their hair colored regularly since they were 14, and works for one of the largest beauty suppliers in the world, being scared of a little at-home color is sort of ridiculous. Our customers color their hair all the time! So, I decided it was time to face my fear and guess what? It turned out really really great! My color is even and shiny, and my hair actually feels healthier. Plus, it wasn’t scary at all!

I’ve outlined my steps for those who are looking to try coloring at home. Just to let you know what I started with, I had brown, reddish hair that had faded to a brassy red at the ends, and about an inch and a half of brown roots.

(The hair color comes with full instructions and recommended processing times – follow them closely! Perform a strand test on a few select strands of your hair to preview your own results. Details are included in the directions.)

Step 1: Cast of Characters

* Color Trak Tint Bowl
* Color Trak Extra Wide Tint Brush
* Ion Sensitive Scalp Developer 20 Volume 8 oz.
* Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Creme Hair Color 4G Medium Golden Brown
* Ion Color Brilliance Stain Remover
* Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment
* Color Trak Measuring Beaker
* Salon Care Disposable Vinyl Gloves

I know it sounds like a lot of stuff but everything, except for the tube of color, is reusable.

Step 2:

I mixed 4 oz of color with 4 oz of volume 20 developer. I ended up having WAY too much color left over, but since this was my first time I was playing it safe. Better to have too much than too little in this case.

Step 3:

Make sure the color and developer are completely mixed together. Doesn’t it look like frosting?

Step 4:

I began by painting the color on my roots, in small sections. Full disclosure: After about 2 minutes of doing it myself I got frustrated with my lack of coordination and called for reinforcements. The fact that my hair was feeling like cotton candy (i.e. sticky, clumpy mess) due to the crazy humidity didn’t help matters. I think next time I’ll be a lot more confident in my skills and will try to do my whole head myself.

Step 5:

I let the color process on my roots for 15 minutes. Tick tock. Tick tock.

Step 6:

After 15 minutes on my roots, I (read: my helper) pulled the color through the rest of the shaft, but left it off the very tips. I let that sit for 10 minutes and then applied color to the ends for 5 more minutes. My ends are pretty porous so I knew they would suck up color faster, hence the difference in timing. Porous ends are pretty common since over time they’ve been exposed to more heat styling and coloring.

Step 7:

After I shampooed out the color, I applied the Ion Color Brilliance After Color Treatment to close the cuticle and seal in color. It also removes any oxidizing agents and restores pH levels. Nifty! I left this on for about 3 minutes.


Pretty, shiny hair. Consider me an at-home coloring convert. FEAR, BEGONE!

Do any of you have any tips to share with this coloring newbie? Please share in the comments!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my hair is sccaaarrry

I made a bad judgment call today. I knew the forecast called for monsoon type weather but when I got ready this morning I said to myself, “Self? Aren’t you tired of your ol’ rainy weather standby hairstyle? Why don’t you try a preppy, low ponytail instead?  It will look fabulous!” (Does anyone else talk to themselves while they get ready?)

Anyway, it was a big mistake and then to top it off, I forgot my umbrella.  Instead of looking like a country club princess, I look like a caddy that got caught in a downpour.  A caddy with a bad, frizzy perm, that is. It’s frightening. Standbys become standbys because they work. Lesson learned.  

Since I have naturally curly hair that I straighten every day, when it’s raining I have to have a totally different hair plan. Here’s what I do:

  1. I always deep condition in the shower on curly hair days using Ion Effective Care Intensive Therapy.
  2. Since well moisturized tresses are the key to perfect tendrils without crunch and frizz, after I towel dry my hair I spray on Miracle 7 Leave-in Conditioner and then comb through with a wide tooth comb.
  3. Next I add root lifter for volume and a few spritzes of light hairspray for hold without the shellac feel.
  4. Then I lightly scrunch my hair with my fingers and allow it to air dry.  

For me this is the only way I can survive a rainy day with any hopes of looking cute.

Do you change up your hairstyle to accommodate different weather? Do you ponytails actually work for you? Please share your rainy day hair routine in the comments.

Happy Labor Day!

The Eye For Beauty team wishes you a very happy Labor Day! We’re taking a break to celebrate and send the summer out in style, but will be back to our regular posting schedule on Wednesday.

P.S. If you’re out and about today, be sure to stop by your local Sally Beauty store and check out our 50% off sidewalk sale. All clearance items are an additional 50% off! Can’t beat that!

Hair lost that sexy sizzle?

I don’t know about you, but all the time I’ve been spending outdoors and in the pool this summer has taken a little of the sexy sizzle out of my hair. My locks are looking dull and lifeless and I’m starting to suspect that the sun and chlorine have teamed up to wage an all out war on my tresses!  I want to send the summer out in style this Labor Day weekend, but things are not looking so good in the hair department.

Don’t be like me and wait until the damage is already done to take action. There are some preventative steps that can help. For instance, you can wet hair with tap water before swimming to seal the cuticles and keep the chemicals out, or there’s always a hat. But my feeling is, a hat is often better suited for a poolside party. Besides, it’s not what I had planned to wear to my Labor Day celebration. What’s a girl to do?

Since my  hair color is still looking great and it’s not time for a touch up, I’m going to pull out my secret weapon – Ion Color Brilliance Demi Permanent Intensive Shine in clear. It adds great shine, lasts 4-6 weeks, and since it doesn’t contain color I can use it not matter what my shade is. Nice!

Do any of you have any tips for reviving summer damaged hair? Please share in the comments!