Not Just For Your Grandma!

Let’s be honest here, shower caps get a bad rap. But, we’ve all been misinformed. Shower caps can be really cute, plus functional. Seriously! Want a blowout to last? Wear a shower cap. Want to maintain shine and softness? Wear a shower cap and skip daily washings. Have you recently tried a keratin or straightening treatment? Wear a shower cap! You get the point. Shower caps are indispensible. ­

“Okay, so they have their uses, but what if someone sees me wearing one?!?” Don’t stress! Betty Dain Creations has a new line of fashionable shower caps that are definitely not your grandma’s shower cap. The line is divided into three collections, The Hipster, Fashionista, and Socialite, each with distinct designs and features for different tastes and personalities.

The Hipster collection is for all you green ladies. The cap is made out of an eco-friendly vinyl alternative and is biodegradable. It’s available in 3 prints- a retro flower pattern called Flower Power, a psychedelic paisley pattern called Hippie Chick, and an edgy tattoo pattern named Tough Love.

The Fashionista collection is for you style mavens. These caps come in a stylish ruched design with a satin bow in two prints- Diva, a glamorous shopping pattern named, and Sassy Stripes, a sophisticated zebra pattern.

The Socialite collection is for ladies with discerning taste. It features a terry lining to absorb any moisture that may escape while showering, and is also fully reversible. This versatile little feature means you can use it as a sleep cap to set those curls. Named Safari Spots after its exotic leopard pattern, this cap is the ultimate bath accessory.

Function and fashion don’t always mix, but these caps have it all. All of the shower caps are oversized to fit the thickest or longest of hair, while being 100% waterproof and mold resistant.

So tell me. Do you rock the shower cap with pride?

  • Jennifer

    September 1st, 2010


    Sadly, I have to wash my hair daily – I have oil issues. However, I am going to try these for deep conditioning treatments, or showers when you just need to rinse off, etc. I love the cute designs and colors! Thanks for the tip!!

  • marti

    September 23rd, 2010


    Its a SHOWER cap, who’s going to see it? Besides that, who would care?

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