My Search for the Perfect Eyeliner

I hunted for the perfect eye liner for eons.  Here is my problem:  I have very small, squinty eyes with an upper eye lid that obscures part of my lash line. So, I have to use a liner that will make a perfect thin and smooth line. Other requirements for this wonder product are that it must glide on with no splotching and then stay in place throughout the day with no bleeding. 

After buying literally hundreds of eyeliners through the years, I finally found THE one – Femme Couture’s Liquid Eyeliner.  I use the black, but it comes in brown as well. 

My application method is a little unorthodox, but it works for me. That makes it okay, right? I start by using a matte neutral eye shadow such as Sally Girl in Champagne over the entire eyelid.  Then you dip the tiny brush into the bottle and wipe it off slightly on the lip of the bottle to shape the brush into a flat wedge. I start at the inside corner of the eye and make a line right against the lashes, letting the lash guide the brush. Stop the brush at the center of the eye. If needed, reload the brush with liner and finish the other half of the eye by starting at the outside corner and lining to the middle of the eye to meet the line from the other side.

And then…Voila! Defined eyes that look wider and more dramatic!

What tricks or eyeliner products do you like to use?

  • Zara

    July 12th, 2010


    This sounds like it would be great for me…I hate applying eyeliner because I can never find the right one!

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