Lessons Learned

Let me introduce myself, then I’ll move along to something useful. I promise.

I’m a grown male who writes for Sally Beauty Supply. It makes sense that I find myself here.

I’ve been surrounded by women all my life. I was raised with three sisters, including my twin. My part-time job in high school was running the stockroom at a women’s clothing store. And today, I have two teenage daughters.

My daughters have benefited by the expertise I’ve acquired at Sally Beauty.

Such as…

We have many, many products that our customers tell us they can’t live without. A perfect example is our Miracle 7 line of hair care products. When I bring home Miracle 7 Leave In Conditioner, I’m a hero. If you haven’t tried it, please do. And let me know what you think.

Want to try something fun? Have you ever colored your hair a wild color? Sally has temporary hair color that washes right out.

My daughter Erin painted her hair blue for a football game, and I told her, “After it dries, spray it with hair spray. It will last longer.”

Wow – that useful tip rolled out of my brain without even thinking! Thanks to Sally Beauty, I’m both a father and a mother!

I believe every woman should paint her hair a bold color to spread the fun at a party or event at least once! Try that sometime and report back to me.

And as long as I’m sharing knowledge, one last thing: Eye cream. It is NOT to be used on the eyes. It’s meant to be used AROUND the eyes, to moisturize and cover wrinkles. Let’s all spread the word about that one!

  • JanSu

    July 21st, 2010


    I remarried 2 years ago – my husband is 57 and I got him started using both serum and moisturizer. This year at his check up with his dermatologist, she commented on how good his skin looked on his face. Her only recommendation was that he moisturize his legs, too! Thanks, Sally, for great products at great prices.

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    July 23rd, 2010


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    July 25th, 2010



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    July 30th, 2010


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