Hello everyone!

So, I was thinking about what my first post would be about. What can I share with the people who will read this? People who know me well know that I don’t ever have a problem coming up with something to talk about, especially my personal story and my experiences. I have a story for everything or an opinion, take your pick.

So, I’ve decided I’m going to share my love of nail polish. I love, and I mean I LOVE nail polish. I love color in general whether it is on the walls of my house, fabric or nail polish. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see polish in stores. My eyes light up and I get really excited! My favorite color is red. I’m not scared of using a green, blue, orange or even black, but I am drawn to reds and bright pinks. Have you ever taken a quiz about colors and how it connects to your personality? My personality is red. Does your personality match your favorite color? What’s your favorite nail polish color to wear?

Find out what your nail polish color says about you!

  • Belle

    July 5th, 2010


    I love greens. But I love blues and purples almost as much. I now own more than 2,000 nail colors and I still want more. :)

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    July 19th, 2010


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