Update your Summer Makeup Look


My summer makeup routine has consisted of a bit of BB Cream, bronzer and a hint of lip tint – it’s amazing how a little tan goes a long way. I do love the ease of a fresh summer face but with fall around the corner, I’m ready to change it up a bit. Which is why I was pretty excited to see all the new goodies from Femme Couture.

I’ve never been terribly good at mixing and matching shades of eye shadow, so the Femme Couture Color Made Easy is right up my alley. Nine color palettes to choose from with a shade for the lid, a shade to contour and a shade to highlight. It’s seriously the Cliff Notes of cosmetics. The same goes for the Color Made Easy Bronzer/Blush. It’s the perfect amount of shimmery bronze and a hint of color.

If a cream shadow is more your style, there is the Moon Glow Shimmer Shadow. This shadow has four color duos and a creamy consistency. I don’t typically use a cream shadows, but I was impressed with how silky this one felt and how easily it applied. The Moon Glow Shimmer Stick is the same shimmery shadow but in a crayon form. The crayon works great as an eyeliner to give you an instant smoky eye with little or no blending required.

My lashes aren’t especially long or especially thick so I’m pretty pumped about the Fake Lash Mascara. It actually did plump up my lashes and didn’t flake. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, it also comes in electric blue!

No matter what fall trend you decide to try, Femme Couture’s variety of shades and formulas make it easy to achieve.



Proclaim Shea Butter

631103_GRP_062314Phew! The hot summer really did a number on my hair and skin this year!  By mid-July my fried and dried tresses had become brittle.  I started to hate all of my summer dresses as they exposed my ashy knees to the world.  Something had to be done!

I did my research on the best ingredients for moisture, and Shea butter was one of the most frequently mentioned ingredients.  It’s considered a natural sealant and contains vitamin E, which is super-moisturizing, and makes hair appear shinier and brighter.  From what I read, people were saying that it didn’t leave any kind of a greasy feel.  How could this be?  It’s called BUTTER, and butter is greasy, right?  BUT(ter) – as it turns out, Shea butter has a lightning-fast absorption rate, which means your hair and skin essentially soak it all up.  I was curious, but still skeptical.

Sally Beauty has a new Proclaim Shea Butter line – a shampoo, a conditioner, a leave-in moisturizer, a curl pudding, and 100% pure shea butter.  It was reasonably priced, so I went ahead and bought it.  There’s a secret added bonus ingredient in all of the hair care products – HONEY!  I had already learned from my prior research that honey was loaded with essential vitamins, and that it attracts moisture to the hair, so I was pleasantly surprised when I read the back of the bottles.


I used each of the products (the leave-in moisturizer is my fave!), and my hair has never felt so soft!  I used the 100% Pure Shea Butter on my skin, and I am pleased to report that my ashy knees are GONE FOREVER!  Shea butter is now my new go-to ingredient, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Ion Healthy Scalp Solutions




When you hear words like “healthy scalp hair care” most people think of dandruff, but that’s not always the case. Healthy scalp products are used for a variety of reasons, including those who want a gentle hair care routine, that soothes and balances dry and oily scalps. Sounds great, right?

Here’s a little more about what each product in this new line does for you and your hair!

  • The Ion Healthy Scalp Shampoo features a sulfate-free formula that lifts and removes excess buildup without compromising hair color. It also helps balance your scalp’s moisture, while providing soothing comfort.
  • Light-weight enough for daily use, the Ion Healthy Scalp Conditioner refreshes and energizes your scalp, while adding shine and softness.
  • If you suffer from a dry, tight scalp, the Ion Hydrating Pre-Styler will help condition it and provide heat protection at the same time.
  • The Scalp Renewing Treatment helps exfoliate and loosen flakes, and should be used once a week prior to shampooing.