3 TIPS : How to Speed Up Your Morning Routine

No matter how hard I try, I’ll never be a morning person. As a girl who loves her sleep, minutes are just that much more precious to me prior to 9am. Commonly me : snooze button…once, twice or even three times. But loving your beauty sleep is no excuse for looking less than your best. Below are some beauty shortcuts – tips and tricks to skim minutes off your morning routine.

Products to speed you your morning

TIP 1 : Focus on one key feature

While there’s a time and place for a full face of makeup, shave off some morning prep time by choosing just one feature to play up for maximum impact and efficiency.

A thicker eyebrow is everywhere right now and I’ve been embracing this bold brow look. Ardell’s dual-ended Brow Magic Pencil boasts a brow wax on one end and a brow pencil on the other – in two quick swipes (or four, if we’re being precise), brows are both perfected and tamed.

thick eyebrows

Credit: Gordana Sermek / Shutterstock.com

Time saved: 5+ minutes

TIP 2 : Embrace multi-tasking products wherever possible

Between my skincare regimen and makeup routine, I can easily spend 20+ minutes in front of the mirror in the morning.

By embracing products with more than one function, like Retinol Max Anti-Aging Cleanser, which both exfoliates and moisturizes, I save not only my time but my sanity.

Another favorite? Femme Couture’s Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation. This hybrid product not only moisturizes and primes skin, but thanks to buildable coverage, can serve as foundation, concealer, powder and color-corrector…all while helping to smooth lines. Cheers to that!

Get Flawless and Anti Aging

Time saved: 20+ minutes.

TIP 3 : Stop washing your hair everyday

If you’re anything like me, between washing, conditioning, drying and styling, your hair is easily the most time-consuming part of getting ready in the morning.

Washing every day strips essential oils from your hair and makes it more difficult to style. Transition instead to washing every other day or 2-3 times a week (especially if your hair is thicker or curlier) – and treat it well when you do.

Try Proclaim’s Coconut Oil as a hot oil treatment/hair mask (pro tip: you can even use coconut oil on dry cuticles or mix with honey to create an anti-bacterial face mask).

On off days, embrace a dry shampoo like Beyond The Zone  – the light spray is easy to apply. Simply spray on your roots and massage in to soak up excess oil and refresh and revive locks with no water or blow dryer required!

Dry Shampoo and Coconut Oil

Time saved: 30+ minutes.


How do YOU save time in the morning?
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All Hairsprays are Not Created Equal

Ever get the beach-hair blues? Like many, our family summer vacation was a trek to the beach. Gulf Shores, Alabama, to be exact. A grand old time was had traipsing around in swimsuits, cover-ups and sunscreen. One evening, we “dressed up” for a dinner out. Still beach-y casual but nicer than cut-offs. Makeup made an appearance for the first time in days.

In an effort to tame my sand-encrusted, sun-burned, wind-blown hair, I broke out an arsenal: Double shampooing. Conditioning. Anti-frizz serum. Serious blow drying. Hair spray.

SALLY Hairspray Blog Collage

That last glance before walking out the door – not bad!

At the restaurant, while on bathroom duty with the little girls , what I saw looking back at me in the mirror was not at all what had walked out the beach condo door.

Just say No to Frizzy Hair

The moral of this story, ladies?
You need more than one type of hairspray in your life, just like you need more than one pair of black shoes or tube of lipstick.

If I had sprayed on a coat of Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal Humidity Blocking Hair Spray that evening, I may not have had to institute a “no Facebook” rule on the photos taken at the restaurant.

After our vacation, I did some hairspray research and tests.
Here is a peek inside my new hairspray wardrobe:

For special occasions requiring extra volume and hold, you definitely need a volumizing hairspray.
I tested out Volumax Freezing Spray.

Volumax Freezing Spray

To Create A Fuller Look :

(1) Blow Dry with a round brush then flip head upside down
(2) Spray Volumax Freezing Spray while shaking hair gently
(3) Flip head up and tame volume back as desired
(4) Add topcoat of hairspray for final touch


My “evening out” hair situation at the beach could have been avoided with a good humidity-resistant hairspray. It’s the first layer of defense against H20-saturated air. Make it a good one!

Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal Hairspray

I have been using Beyond The Zone hairspray (mentioned earlier).


When extra time is spent on hair, it’s an investment to protect.
Here’s where a good firm hold hairspray comes in.

Ion Mega Hold Freezing Spray

My favorite – only at Sally Beauty – is Ion Mega Hold Freezing Spray.


On any regular day, this is a go-to hairspray type. For the casual look…when you want to be able to run fingers through your hair and allow individual strands to blow gently in the breeze.

Biotera Thermal Protecting Styling Spray

Try Biotera Thermal Protecting Styling Spray. It has that natural hold PLUS it helps protect hair against high heat temps from heat tools (like a flat iron). Serious bonus.


Making just a $10-$15 investment to create your own hairspray wardrobe will make a world of difference for your ‘dos throughout the year.
I promise.

Flirty Fall Face

It’s time to shake off the 100-degree days, flip flops and breezy sundresses. Don’t let that get you down because we’re going to show you how to rock three fun & flirty fall styles – from head to toe.



Credit: Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com

Romantic Layers

A pop of pink on the cheeks: Palladio Herbal Baked Blush in Rosey
Depth to your eyes: Femme Couture Smokin’ Eye Shadow Crayon in Coffee Brown
A full and natural pout: Femme Couture Ultra Hydrating Lip Colour Matte in Sweet Pea
One-sided hair pull back: DCNL Beige Finish Side Comb




Credit: Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com

While we probably wouldn’t be able to pull off this look completely, we’re definitely going to experiment with bold-colored accents and a great dramatic eye.

Mix And Match Brights

1. Perfect your canvas with a few dabs of Femme Couture Flawless Touch Undereye Concealer
2. Add the right touch of drama with Palladio Herbal Liquid Eyeliner in Black Shimmer
3. Finally, take your lashes to great lengths with Femme Couture Fake Lash in Midnight Black




Credit: Anton Oparin / Shutterstock.com

The biker influence is everywhere this fall. From the expected jacket in unexpected materials to kicky purses, bracelets and shoes. For an everyday style you can even wear to the office, try this softer take on the timeless jacket and punch up the look with classic fall makeup colors.

Biker Chic

Palladio Herbal Baked Bronzer
Ardell Brow Defining Pallet
Femme Couture Prime Wear Diamond Color in Cosmic Cherry
Real Colors Aventure Eye Shadow Palette in Magnificent Mile

What trend are you most excited about trying? We’d love to know!

GRAPE CRUSH: 10 Easy Ways to Dial Up Fall Color

As summer begins to wind down and September takes over, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning both your wardrobe and your beauty look to fall.

While summer is often all about brights, autumn is the perfect time to embrace deeper, richer colors. Here at Sally Beauty, we’re taking our cues from Pantone’s color of the year, gorgeous Radiant Orchid, and integrating splashes of every imaginable shade of purple from our lips to our tips. Purple can be demure, bold or anywhere inbetween and, best of all, it’s universally flattering!

Here are 10 easy ways to incorporate purple into your seasonal beauty refresh:


MAKEUP = 10…9…8…

Purple Glitter eye liner, purple eye color pallette, wine lip color

  • Try experimenting with colored eye liner. Purple complements brown, blue or green eyes beautifully! We love Femme Couture’s Glitter Eye Pencil in Purple. Try a hint of color between lashes or a full on, runway-inspired cat eye.
  • With four shades of silky smooth shadows, the Palladio Eye Shadow Quad in Spellbound has purples perfect for day or night. Customized by a team of makeup artists, try each color solo or blend for a more artful smoky eye.


NAILS =  7…6…

 Purple OPI nail Color


HAIR = 5…4…3…2…1!

Purple Hair Color, Accessories and Tools

  • Celebrities from Katy Perry to Nicole Richie have gone wild for purple hair – it’s one of the biggest trends at the moment! But if a playful hint of color is more your speed, we’ve got you covered. Pick up a pack of DCNL Colored Bobby Pins  or  Sassy Colors Clip in Hair in Purple – both are low commitment, with no chemicals or ime-consuming visits to the salon required.
  • Purple hair is admittedly not for everyone – if you’re a classicist when it comes to your mane, pick up a bright new hair tool. The Spirit Mini Purple Flat Iron marries style and substance. It’s portable and perfect for travel with Tourmaline-infused Ceramic Plates which heat up quickly and won’t damage hair. We’re keeping this one tucked in our desks for end-of-day touch ups.


For more, follow our Fall 2014 Color Inspiration board on Pinterest!


Autumn Nail Art



The rich, jewel tones and high-shine metallic in the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair collection lends itself to the mystery of the luxe masks and overall decadent flair of a masquerade ball.

Sparkling finish and dense pigmentation of “Ball Gown Glamour,” “Dance Til Dawn” and “Queen for a Night” give the polish such depth that, when dotted on the nail, it looks like actual gemstones.

Paired with the burnished metallic background of “Masked Beauty,” it’s as though the gem-like dots are resting on a layer of gold leafing. Opulent and exotic this gilded design is the perfect complement to the luxurious fabrics and textures for fall.

Autumn Nail Art by All Lacquered Up


Read Michelle’s full review of the FingerPaints Masquerade Affair line on All Lacquered Up.
Visit a Sally Beauty store to purchase this sparkling new Fall line.
Images courtesy of All Lacquered Up.