HOW TO : Fall Plaid Nails

How to paint Plaid Nails

Michelle from All Lacquered Up gives us a tutorial on how to get a perfect plaid nail. Check it out, step by step, below!

Apply two coats of a neutral color (Michelle used OPI Going My Way or Norway?) and wait for it to dry.


Use tweezers to place two pieces of nail striping tape in an “X” pattern.


Apply Color 1 (Michelle used OPI My Dogsled Is A Hybrid) to the top and bottom sections. Use the side of the brush for easier placement.


Remove tape while polish is still wet.


Dip a striper nail art brush in Color 2 (Michelle used OPI Skating on Thin Iceland) and paint two, thin parallel lines on a diagonal.


Add two more lines, perpendicular to the first two lines.



Once finished & dry, Protect your design with Seche Vite.


 This design can be changed up with various colors and line thicknesses. How fun!
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HOW TO: Sleek Eyes for a Night Out


There are a ton of holiday parties on the calendar this month, and there isn’t always enough time to create a new makeup look in that short, precious window between work and that night’s event. Luckily, day eyes can easily transition to a sleek and sophisticated evening look with a few simple updates.


Using the darkest purple in the Femme Couture Smokey Eyes Palette (third down on the left side),  smudge the shadow along your upper lid line, blending with the previous liner. This will create a softer, smokier look. Layer the purple until it reaches the intensity you desire.



Apply a bright purple (second down on the right side of the palette) across entire lid up to the crease of your eye, blending outward with the brush.



To highlight those peepers and add a little sparkle, dab the champagne shade in the corners of each eye. This will make you look bright, alert, and ready to celebrate.


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Gift Guide For The Ladies

I don’t know about you, but when I’m doing my holiday shopping I live for gift guides! I always find cute presents for my family and friends that I would never have thought of, and if I’m being honest here – a gift (or three) for myself.

Check out our suggestions for the ladies on your list. Maybe you’ll find something you wouldn’t mind finding under your own tree. Tis the season for giving, right?


1. Femme Couture Eternal Color Self-Adjust Blush
2. Femme Couture Lip Luster Lip Gloss 
3. DCNL Crystal Flower Mini Combs
4. Selfie Pink Brush
5. Hot Shot Tools Pink Titanium Curling Iron
6. FingerPaints Glitz Manicure Kit
7. Femme Couture Fake Lash Mascara
8. Vintage Glam Glamorous Hair Essential Kit


1. Femme Couture Glossy Prime Wear Long Lasting Lip Creme
2. So Gorgeous Pump Up the Volume Gift Set
3. FingerPaints Black Wrap Watch
4. Femme Couture Color Made Easy Shadow Effects Trio
5. Femme Couture Eye Drama Liquid Glitter Eyeliner
6. Jilbere Limited Edition Rock ‘n Studs Flat Iron
7. Jilbere Limited Edition Rock ‘n Studs Hair Dryer
8. FingerPaints Limited Edition Patent Leather Manicure Kit



1. Palladio Liquid Eyeliner 
2. OPI Wrapped Wild for the Holidays Gift Set
3. Femme Couture Moon Glow Shimmer Shadow
4. Precision Beauty Eyelash and Brow Set
5. Andrea Accents lashes
6. Ion Keratin Heat Styling Cream
7. CHI Elite Chevron Metallic Flat Iron 

10 Minute Pick Me Up Tips


I think many busy women would say that the holidays are the BEST and SO MUCH FUN…but maybe for other people. What’s supposed to be a time of giving thanks and enjoying our friends and families, too often becomes a hectic period of running from event to event, cooking for crowds and being downright stressed.

And you know what? We want to change that. This month, take time for yourself with these 10 Minute Pick Me Up Tips from our favorite bloggers. While you’re at it, pick up a fun gift for YOU during our Thanksgifting event. It’s our little way of saying “thanks.”

Treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

Click the links for the full tip and tutorial.

  • Hair feeling flat after work, errands, chores and plain ol’ daily life? Beauty Bets suggests using velcro rollers for added oomph and gorgeous, volumious hair. 
  • Try this Twist and Pull Apart braid from Barefoot Blonde. It’s a simple look to achieve, but makes a big statement. It will take your hair from boring to boho in no time!
  • The secret to quick and professional-looking nail art? Bobby pins! Get the full 10 Minute Dotticure manicure by Hairspray and High Heels here.
  • Maskcara knows that even when moms are busy, they want to look their best. Her makeup shortcuts are great for those on the go.

How do you plan to make time for yourself this month? What’s your favorite way to be pampered?

HOW TO : Sleek Nails

Sleek Nails STEP5

This simple, modern nail design will get your fingers noticed…just enough. Perfect for adding a little understated, hip oomph to a work outfit and sophisticated enough to accompany a fancier occasion.

Prime your nails with a base coat.

Sleek Nails STEP1

Apply a neutral-color polish all over nail. We used OPI Samoan Sand.

Sleek Nails STEP2

With a nail detailing brush, draw a diagonal line across each nail with a dark color. We used OPI Black Onyx.

Sleek Nails STEP3

Now fill in the top half of your diagonal slice.

Sleek Nails STEP4


Let color dry, apply a top coat and you are all set.

Sleek Nails STEP5


This design will work year round and how to fun to play with different color combinations. Let us know what colors you have put together!