DIY Style File: Every Day Sleek & Sophisticated Look

Sleek and Sophisticated Tutorial

We’re back with installation #2 of our DIY Style File series! This look is all about timelessness and versatility. You can effortlessly take it to the office, the PTA meeting or girls night.

The signature piece here is the straight and low pony. The secret: use a flat iron to straighten hair and a smoothing hairspray like Beyond The Zone Smooth Criminal. This way, when you pull hair back into the low-slung ponytail, you’re not fighting with any natural waves or bumps.


Because your hair is pulled back and away from the face, your eyes and lips will be on center stage. Have fun with that!

Line your eyes with Femme Couture Liquid Eye Liner in Black and finish out with a small wing corners. Apply Ardell Natural Lashes once the liner is completely dry. Tip: Use tweezers to apply for more precise placement. Check back next week for the full eye makeup tutorial!


You’ll want to add a hint of color and shine to your lips. It’s okay to go a bit bolder in color choice with these Femme Couture Shiny Color Crayons. They’re like a cross between a gloss and a stain, so the color won’t be over-the-top. Bonus: they’re also extra moisturizing.



And for a twist on safe basic beige nails, add slanted black tips. So simple and such a quick way to dress up your everyday look without a lot of effort.



DIY Style File: Every Day Preppy-Retro Look


Welcome to our first DIY Style File! We’re excited to share easy, fun ways to find your own DIY style.

Start first, by picking a fun bold-patterned blouse and layer with a cozy sweater in a softer, subtler color to add depth and contrast.

Next, you’ll need to add the same attention to layering and depth but this time, for your eyes. The Femme Couture Smoky Nude Palette will do the trick for a luxe velvety soft look with just the right amount of drama for day wear. You can even add some fake lashes for extra umph. We like these Ardell Natural Eye Lashes. Don’t forget the brows. Try Beautique Brow Pencil in Brunette. The full tutorial on eyes will be posted next week. Be sure to check back for details!


Because the eyes are the focal point for this daytime look, keep lips soft and natural. Try Femme Couture Matte Lip Creme in Honey Nude.


Probably our favorite part of this look is the hair because we absolutely LOVE using the BeLissPRO Curl Genius. I am serious when I tell you it has changed my life! I have purchased just about every type of curling implement known to man – hot curlers, tapered irons, basic curling irons, foam rollers, etc. Either I don’t have the patience to deal with the time it takes or I end up burning my fingertips when I get to the back part of my hair (which I have dubbed “no-man’s land”). Anyway, I can curl my entire head of hair in 10 minutes or under. Seriously. Curl after perfect curl. Plus, it’s just fun to watch how it works!



As you can see, anywhere you can put a bow on it, you should. From the hair, the bag and – our favorite – the nails! Again, be sure to come back for the full tutorial. You won’t want to miss it!


If you try any of the DIY Style File techniques, we’d love to see them! Be sure to use #DIYStyleFile #SallyBeauty when you post to Twitter or Instagram.

Any suggestions for future looks you’d like to see featured? Let us know that, too!

Our Favorite Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and, of course, you’re scrambling for a costume at the very last minute. Sound familiar? Me too! Every year!

Sally Beauty to the Rescue. Below are a few quick and easy costumes that still look like you put some thought into it. Get your ghoul, geek or glam on in 30 minutes or less!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.35.08 PM



A classic. Grab a few items from your local Sally Beauty and a white, flowy top to pull this look together with little effort. If you have time to swing by a thrift shop for a tattered wedding dress, even better!

Here’s What You’ll Need


STEP 1: GET PALE Begin your monster transformation with a pale complexion, using a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone, like Femme Couture Get Flawless 8-in-1 Foundation in Fair. Don’t forget to cover any skin that will be exposed, including neck, décolletage and hands.

STEP 2: CONTOUR Contour your face with Real Colors Singled Out Matte Eye Shadow in Purple Reign, a grayed matte purple. Apply with Face Secrets Angle Blusher Brush to the hollows of your cheeks, just under the cheekbone, around your temples, along your jaw and to the sides of your nose to add a haunting definition.

STEP 3 : EYES Smoke out the eyes with Femme Couture Velvet Eye Color Quad in Velvet Mystery. Use the deep navy as a base, all over the lid. Top with the shimmery gray and blend out, adding the darkest to the crease for depth. Line eyes with Femme Couture Eternal Color Felt Tipped Eyeliner in Jet and add drama to your lashes with Femme Couture Monster Lash Mascara in Blackest Black.

STEP 4 : BROWS Frame your face with bold, exaggerated brows. Fill in your brows with Palladio Herbal Brow Pencil in a shade slightly darker than your natural color and then extend it up and out with hair-like strokes, creating a high, sharp arch.

STEP 5 : LIPS Now, it’s time for dark, luscious lips. Line with Palladio Precision Lipliner in Merlot. Start at the outer corners, working your way to the cupid’s bow for optimal fullness. When you start in the middle, there’s a tendency to cut off part of the lip near the corner. Top with Sally Girl Mini Lipstick in Cabaret.

STEP 6 : STICTHES Finally, what takes this look from goth to FrankenBride are the stitches and contrasting streaks of hair color. Add stitches using Palladio Precision Lipliner with Femme Couture Eternal Color Felt Tipped Eyeliner in Jet traced just inside. Using the deep red pencil as an outline adds to the realism of a fresh wound.



STEP 7 : HAIR For a take on the gravity defying locks associated with the Bride of Frankenstein, create a volumized bun. Add some lift by sprinkling Vintage Glam Texturizing Powder on your roots and then backcombing the crown with a fine-tooth comb.

Grab your Snap It! 2 Piece Silky Clip-In Human Hair Extension 14″ Platinum in Platinum, or Dark Brown if you are blonde, and snap it in, horizontally, at your temple. Then, smooth your hair back into a high pony, covering the tip of the extension with your own hair.



Finally, pull a Hair Stylers Black Mesh Chignon over the pony and wrap the loose strands around the donut, pinning the ends under and you’re all set!



Nerds rule the world so why not let your geek flag fly this Halloween with a costume that is oh-so-simple to piece together? Grab your glasses (or a fake pair from any mass retailer or thrift store), a cardigan (cardi party!), add fun, chalkboard-inspired nails, pigtails and a simple, sweet makeup look to let out your inner smarty pants.

Here’s What You’ll Need


STEP 1 : HAIR Let’s get hair out of our way first. Smooth your locks into two high pigtails, secured with clear elastics, and add a couple Style-It Up Large Twin Bead Ponytailers for a throwback feel.

STEP 2 : EYES Glasses can minimize eyes so adding a little extra oomph with a hearty amount of liner and a strip of falsies is the way to go. Start with a neutral eye using Palladio Silk FX Eyeshadow Palette in Debutante. Make sure to define the crease, adding depth. Now line the eyes with Palladio Precision Eye Liner in Black Onyx, extending the line out and up, for a kitten eye effect. And don’t forget your lower waterline to make eyes pop!

Applying false lashes can be intimidating but, with a little patience and some practice they are a breeze. Always curl your natural lashes first so they blend with the Ardell Natural Eyelashes. Because we’re wearing glasses, stick to a smaller size or else they’ll hit the frames all night. Annoying!

1 Lay false lash along your lash line to see if you need to trim off any excess.
2 Bend the lash, giving it a good curve to fit the eye.
3 Apply a bit of Ardell DUO Clear Eyelash Adhesive to strip. Wait 30 seconds.
4 Place false lash on yours, starting at inner corner and working your way out.
5 Press false lash, using a squeezing motion to secure.
6 Add a coat of Ardell Lash Magic Blending Mascara to seamlessly marry the false lash to your own.

STEP 6 : FINGERTIPS…Don’t Forget The Nerdy Nails!


1 Apply two coats of of OPI Nail Lacquer in Jade Is The New Black
2 Apply one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat to create a flat chalkboard-esque finish


3 Create mathematical symbols using So Easy Stripe Rite Paint in White





photo 9

Going from being such a Smarty Pants to such a Dummy isn’t as hard as it sounds. The effect is  creepy-cute!

Here’s What You’ll Need

photo 1

STEP 1 : FACE Begin this look with your usual primer, foundation and concealer. Set your base with powder. Be sure to keep your bottom lash line clean; you’ll see why in a bit. Apply bold eye shadow and black eye liner on your upper eyelid before applying the Ardell® Adore Lashes in Emma.

photo 2

On your bottom lash line, use Palladio Herbal Precision Eye Liner in White Out to fill your water line. Draw the liner out and down as you go to create the illusion of bigger eye. Go over the white pencil liner with Femme Couture™ Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Pearled Over. This will set the white and add a bit of gleam and glimmer.

photo 3

Trace the outer edge of white with Palladio Herbal Eye Liner in Pure Black and add the Ardell® Adore Lashes in Sophia upside down.

photo 4

Once your lashes have set, move on to your cheeks. Using Real Colors™ Singled Out Eye Shadow in All Bark, contour the apples of your cheeks to make them appear perfectly round and exaggerated. Generously apply Real Colors™ Blush You in Bubble Trouble. It is Halloween after all, so go ahead and add some more. Use a round brush to soften and blend the blush into your contour lines.
photo 5

Using the All Bark shadow again, blend a soft line from the corners of your mouth straight down your chin. This soft line will enhance the illusion of your puppet mouth! Go back over the line with the Pure Black Eye Liner to define the line and blend together.

photo 6

Top off your doll-faced look with Sally Girl™ Lip Color in Electric Pink and pony tails!





This may be the simplest one of all to pull off. A cute little vintage dress you may or may not already have in your closet + a vintage ‘do + classic red accessories and  you are ready to go!


STEP 1 : VINTAGE DRESS Hit up your favorite thrift or vintage shop and grab an obvious vintage number – fashion styles are cyclical so something from the 80′s can look like something from the 40′s, etc. Add pantyhose – a woman in the 1940′s would not have left home without them on!

STEP 2 : HAIR Victory Rolls in your hair are key to this vintage look! Take a lesson from Grace and Beaver. Remember, this is a costume so the bigger and more exaggerated your rolls, the better.

STEP 3 : RED DETAILS Matching your lips, nails, shoes and belt give that pulled-together, classic look associated with the 40′s era. Vampy red on the nails and poppy on the lips will pop!

Finish off your look with some clip-on earrings and you are ready to sashay out the door as if it’s 1944.

Have I solved your Halloween costume dilemma? What is your go-to last minute costume? Share your ideas in the comments below.


Specialty Tools 101

Have you ever seen an unusual looking tool on the shelves at Sally Beauty and thought…what IS that? And…what greatness will it do to my hair?! We’ve got your answers. Check out the specialty tools below and all the pro styles they will help you access.

Curl Machine
Curl Machine

CURL! This is a neat tool. You place the barrel over a section of hair near your scalp, the tool draws in the length of the section, beeps when time is up and when released – a perfect curl! Pictured above is the BeLissPro Curl Genius Professional Curl Machine. Click the link to the product page to watch a video of this tool in action.



WAVE! The Ion Titanium Pro Triple Barrel Waver will give your hair waves as you draw it down each hair section. These irons come in different sizes – smaller barrels = smaller waves or vice-versa. 

Bubble Wand
Bubble Wand

TOUSLED! A bubble wand will deliver a tousled curl look. Wrap a section of hair around wand while keeping light tension between wand and hair. Pictured is the Hot Shot Tools Black Pearl Bubble Wand.

Spiral Iron
Spiral Iron

SPIRALS! Similar idea to the bubble wand above, the Ion Titanium Pro Spiral Iron will give you more of a spiral curl. This is also a no-clip tool – you wrap the hair around the barrel then release. It comes with a heat protective glove.


Crimping Iron
Crimping Iron

CRIMP! Everyone’s favorite 80′s throwback style – the crimping iron. Sally Beauty carries the Gold ‘N Hot Professional Crimping Iron. Unlike most tools which you pull over / through hair or wrap hair around, to crimp –  start at the top of a section near your scalp, press and hold (just a few seconds), then move the crimper down that same section and press and hold again until you reach the bottom of that hair section. You can just crimp one area of your hair for an accent or your whole head!


Tapered Wand
Tapered Wand

CURL VARIETY! A Tapered wand allows you to choose your own adventure. Another clip less tool, you wrap a section of hair around the barrel. For tighter curls, wrap hair closer to the small tip. For larger curls, use the base. For a tapered curl that goes from wide to tight, utilize the whole wand as you wrap the section. Watch the video on the Plugged In Tourmaline Cone Curling product page to learn more.


We hope you have fun experimenting with these fun, easy-to-use specialty hair tools! See the entire line of Specialty Tools available at

Styling Tools OCTOBER BLOW OUT…Try A ‘Do A Day

Don’t miss out on our styling tools blowout happening at Sally Beauty until the end of October! We’ve tossed out some lessons in our Blow Dry 101, Blow Dry Tips & Tricks, Curling Iron 101, Curling Iron Tips & Tricks, Flat Iron 101 and Flat Iron Tips & Tricks. Now, let’s go a step further…

Below are 7 big impact, minimal effort hair styles to try with your hair tools!

Bombshell Curls

A way to get bombshell curls

TRY IT WITH : Ion Titanium PRO Curling Iron
THE DEAL : Buy any full-size Ion styling tool, get an Ion mini tool free
(1) Blow dry hair.
(2) Section and curl.
(3) Pin Sections. Let Cool 10 minutes.
(4) Shake out and spray.


Hot Shot Top Knot

How to make a beautiful top knot

TRY IT WITH : Hot Shot Tapered Iron
THE DEAL : $10 off pink collection
(1) Blow dry hair.
(2) Curl small section.
(3) Pull up into high pony.
(4) Twist into knot and pin.


Genius Curls

How to get Genius Curls

TRY IT WITH : BeLissPRO Curl Genius
THE DEAL : Sale Price $99.99
(1) Dry hair with diffuser for volume.
(2) Part and Section.
(3) Hair is drawn up into chamber, then release.
(4) Shake and spray.


Loose Twist

How to style a loose hair twist

TRY IT WITH : Tool Science Electric Ceramic Brush Iron
THE DEAL : Sale Price $24.99
(1) Blow dry hair, then curl sections with brush iron.
(2) Shake and spray.
(3) Tease crown for volume.
(4) Loosely braid, secure sections with 3 hair ties.


Top Pony

The secret to a perfect top ponytail

TRY IT WITH : CHI Elite Blow Dryer
THE DEAL : Sale Price $99.99
(1) Blow dry with flat brush.
(2) Section and flat iron.
(3) Pull up into high pony.
(4) Curl tip of pony.


Wispy Chignon

Steps to create a wispy chignon

TRY IT WITH : Plugged In 1-inch Professional Gold Curling Iron
THE DEAL : Sale Price $24.99
(1) Find side part.
(2) Curl small sections.
(3) Brush, pull into low side pony.
(4) Loosely knot pony and pin.


Super Straight

How to get super straight hair

TRY IT WITH : Jilbere Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron
THE DEAL : Sale Price $59.99
(1) Blow dry with paddle brush.
(2) Section off.
(3) Flat iron sections.
(4) Brush through and spray.