The Sophist-O-Twist

Sophist o Twist

We like big buns! The Sophist-O-Twist makes it easy to achieve one. Follow Rosaura ‘s simple steps below to create your own perfect big bun.

Sophist-o-twist STEP1



The Sophist-O-Twist does not require any additional accessories (see video example at bottom of page) but if you are aiming for a specific spot on your head, first tying hair into a ponytail will help with placement precision!

Rosaura is going for a centered-in-back bun.

Sophist-o-twist STEP2






This is what the DCNL Sophist-O-Twist looks like. It comes one to a package. There is wiring inside and soft fabric outside with a hole cut in the middle.

Sophist-o-twist STEP3







Pull ponytail through Sophist-O-Twist until tool is all the way to your head.





Sophist-o-twist STEP4





Line up tool horizontally and slide down ponytail. If you have layers, like Rosaura, stop just above where the layers start for best result.

Sophist-o-twist STEP5







Roll the tool towards your head until you get to your head.


Sophist-o-twist STEP5a






Fold down the ends of the Sophist-O-Twist, securing neatly into a close circle. Then pull hair loop down so it makes a perfect bun.

Sophist-o-twist STEP6







If you have flyways or uncooperative layers, use hair pins to tuck them away.


How to Make a Sophist o twist Bun






That’s some good bun!

Watch the Sophist-O-Twist “How To” video tutorial below to see an alternative styling idea and the tool in action without first making a ponytail.


This DCNL tool makes it so easy!




“Give that Summer Hair a Break PART 1″ HOW TO : Chopstick Twist

This is a great style when you have no time but still want to look pulled together. Just a minute or two is needed to get this twist up and secure. It’s so quick & easy to pull off, if the first try isn’t perfect – you can give it another whirl. Second-day hair or just-washed hair NOT treated with heat or product will hold best. So, this is another one of our favorite updos to give hair a rest!

You’re going to want to grab a pack of hair sticks at Sally Beauty, like Melissa did.

Hair Sticks at Sally Beauty

Hair Sticks from Sally Beauty Okay, Melissa – show us how it’s done!

STEP 1 : Hold hair in low ponytail and line up one stick horizontally at base of head with the small end pointing away

STEP 1 Chopstick Twist STEP 2 : Depending on length of your hair, twist around stick one to three times, twisting in towards your head
STEP 2 Chopstick Twist STEP 3 : Move stick clockwise 90° so the small end of the stick is facing straight up
STEP 3 Chopstick Twist STEP 4 : Flip that stick!
Secure with the small end pointing straight down
STEP 4 Chopstick Twist STEP 5 : Use one hand to hold updo in place and grab your other stick with your free hand
STEP 5a Chopstick Twist STEP 6 : Push other stick at an angle behind the first stick, then swivel around so they are parallel – this is reinforcing the hold
STEP5b Chopstick Twist Voilà!
A simple twist that is elegant without being too fancy
An easy undo - use hair sticks to twist hair into a firm hold We love this look for work, running errands or just getting hair off your neck and out of your face when hanging around at home.
Finished Updo on Melissa! Thanks, Melissa!

“Give that Summer Hair a Break PART 3″ HOW TO : Glamorous Fall Updo

We call this one “The Ivana.” A classic, glamorous updo perfect for so many occasions –  holiday events and dances, a ladies luncheon, weddings, showers, or rock this classic look with a casual everyday outfit to kick things up a few notches! Also a perfect hairdo for second day hair or air-dried, no-product, freshly washed hair – this look gives your hair a break.

Surprisingly easy to pull off, it just takes a little know-how. Melissa walks us through it, below.

You will need : comb, brush, Magic-Grip hairpins, hair accessories of choice (we used the Pink Botanical Head Wrap)

Ivana hair supplies

Okay, let’s go! First, if you are using a head wrap or full band like we are, put that around your neck before you begin.


Next, grab your comb and start teasing – a really good tease. Start with a section near the front of your head. You are going to tease a “mohawk” down the middle. Drag your comb from near the top of the section of hair to the base, creating a FIRM tease.

Ivana pt2

We MEAN it…REALLY FIRM. Get your tease on. It should stand up on its own like the photo on the left below! Next, work your way back on the top of your head, section by section until a little past halfway down the back of your head.


Once you have a nice, stiffly teased mohawk, pull ALL your hair up into what we affectionately call, “the troll doll.” Ha! The smooth outside hair will be surrounding the inside teased mohawk hair.


With your brush, smooth up the outside hair. GUIDE the hair with the brush – don’t force it. You want the tease to remain. TIP : Use your brush at an angle like the photo below right, while smoothing.


Fold the hair down at the top of your head and grab a Magic Grip hairpin. Insert the pin to secure the ‘do, as shown below.


You may need to use a few pins.


When your hair feels nice & secure, you can use your hand to pull the bump forward, use bobby pins to secure any strays, etc. Pull up our headband and you are all set!


It was exciting to learn this classic look isn’t very hard to pull off. Thanks to stylist Joshua Rossingol who taught us how to make these “Give that Summer Hair a Break” updos come to life!

IVANA thanks Joshua

During the shoot, all the ladies ooh’ed and ahh’ed as the methods were shown then Melissa and Rosaura were able to do them on their own heads. And, of course, we all went home to try them on our own! Click HERE and HERE to see the other two in this series. Have fun trying these ‘dos!


“Give that Summer Hair a Break PART 2″ HOW TO : Fishtail Braid

Fall hair repair is within reach. We love letting hair air dry and then weaving it into a romantic fishtail braid. Hair gets a break from heat, you get a romantic Fall braid.

Rosaura shows us how to get this soft, flirty look.

Rosaura teaches a romantic braid for Sally Beauty
Fishtail Braid STEP 2 STEP 1 : Pull hair to one side and divide into two equal parts
Fishtail Braid STEP 3 STEP 2 : Pull a small section of hair from the OUTSIDE of one side and draw to the INSIDE of the other side
Fishtail Braid STEP 4a Fishtail Braid STEP 4 …keep it going…
Fishtail Braid STEP 6 Repeat until you achieve desired braid length
Fishtail Braid DONE 1 STEP 3 : Secure with a hair band. Gently pull at sides of braid to loosen, as you like
This fishtail braid isn’t hard to master. Try it on your own hair then get out there and act casual while everyone else oohs and ahhs at your relaxed glamour!

Thanks for the lesson, Rosaura.

Finished Fishtail Braid

Be The Rainbow : The Shades Of Nicole

Nicole Richie is one of our favorite celebrities who really LOVES playing with hair color. Over the years, she has experimented with pretty much every color under the sun from very natural brunettes and blondes to technicolor neons and pretty pastels. Below are some of our favorite colors on her from the past few years.

SALLY Shades of NIcole

Credit: Getty Images

Have a favorite hue up there? Experiment with your own hair color rainbow and share with us on Instagram using #sallybeauty for a chance to be featured on our website!